Metina is happy to welcome dogs, cats and their families.

Your pet is a member of your family. And going on holidays with them need not be a challenge. We are animal lovers ourselves. We have 3 dogs called Music, Tatoo and Gwen, three cats (who do not answer their names). And we are happy to welcome four-legged guests as much as two-legged ones.

Highly aware of the needs and constraints of people travelling with their pets, we have made sure that Metina is pet friendly.

Metina is a small farmhouse set in the countryside, between vineyards and olive groves and is really dedicated to you and to your precious friends.
To feel fully realized, dogs should be able to watch, sniff, and explore everything around them, and we are sure your dogs will have an unforgettable holiday here.
At Metina, they will discover a wonderful world, enjoying a great experience in your company, feeling themselves on vacation, away from chaos, noises and dangers of the city.
Please contact us for any questions about bringing your pets, we are here to ensure that all of your family has the best of