Our suggestions … within a few kilometres

Visiting the farm, walking in the countryside, having the aperitif in the lavender … this and so much more awaits you in Agriturismo Metina. We can also point out where to taste the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, visit an oil mill, take a cooking class, or rent a bicycle. Just ask us! We are happy to help!

Our wake-up-your-senses walk

Have you forgotten what your senses feel like, overdosed as they are with city-life? We propose a wake-up-your-sense, sensorial visit of our farm, where 5 benches have been hidden. Each is dedicated to a different sense. With one of us, or just the map … Can you find them all?
Appreciated by both adults and children, it’s an easy, merry walk that inspires many creative and sensorial games. We anyway advise the use of comfortable, closed shoes.

Our Chromotherapy

The colours of Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia have inspired many famous artists. The countryside around Metina changes with every season and moment of the day. Flowers, leaves, the shine of grass in the rain or the light of a rainbow, and the incredible colours of dawn and sunset … On holiday we have the time to rediscover all this. Comfortably sitting in a field or walking amidst the fruit trees, you can recharge your batteries while observing the magnificent “chromotherapeutic” spectacle of nature.

Metina-Fullness: meditation Metina style

We will help you find your “Zen-itude” again and push aside your daily worries.
For is there anything better than the dolce far niente of a relaxing evening, enjoying the sunset with a glass of good wine, listening to the birds singing, the crickets in the lavender and watching the fireflies shining and dancing?

And the children too

Rolling in the grass, laughing by the pool with their family, or playing in the garden with their new-found friends … There are so many activities for them to discover at Agriturismo Metina and keep them away from their screens. We are always happy to welcome children at Metina. They bring joy and laughter, merriment and sheer fun. They like to create, build and get dirty … So why not do it with them? We have many game suggestions for the whole family, from painting stones, to making crowns with leaves and flowers, or building a frame in the olive grove for a very special selfie …

“Assisted” barbecue or pizza part

Our barbecue area, with its woodfire oven, has seen (and will always see) the birth of many new friendships. It gives us and our guests great evenings of fun and pure enjoyment. Between a cold beer and a refreshing white wine, our guests often challenge each other to find the best steak or greatest cook. And if you have a doubt, Alberto is a trained butcher and passionate cook, who can tell you the secrets of how to choose the best meat, take you to buy the best ingredients, or show you how to debone, season and cook your meat. And what about a pizza evening? That’s when we invite our younger guests to roll the pizza dough themselves and choose their own toppings. You will be surprised with the unexpected gourmet choices your children are capable of. And they will be proud to show you their skill in handling the pizza shovel “on their own” (almost ;)

And the dogs too

If you like to share your holidays with your dog, Agriturismo Metina offers you and them amazing walks in the surrounding olive groves and vineyards, reserved spaces and a special dog-lovers’ extra. Monica is an ex-dog trainer, and she is always ready to talk doghappiness, take the time to give you both a funny nosework session, or introduce you to the subtle art of making up-cycled dog toys. And if your dog appreciates the company of a stranger, she will be happy to dog-sit for you while you are out and about.