Baths and spas


A wellness day at the spa is a great alternative, if you need some ‘me’ time. The free baths in Bagno Vignoni and Bagni San Filippo are open to all, but we can also offer you a discounted entry or treatment for that special extra at the Terme Sensoriali di Chianciano and at the SPA di Montepulciano..

The list of spas and thermal baths is really long in this part of Tuscany, so here we’ll only tell you about the nearest ones.
In the Val d’Orcia you will find open air, free baths in Bagno Vignoni, which will charm you with its unique piazza and the amazing windmills park (Parco dei Mulini), and in Bagni San Filippo, where a cool walk in the woods takes you to the sumptuous Balena Bianca waterfall.

If you are looking for a wellness treatment, then the spas in Sant’Albino, near Montepulciano, or in Chianciano Terme are here for you. They offer you a relaxing suite of treatments, and a special discount for Metina’s guests.